Alam Alsina’a W Alttigarah magazine had an interview with the CEO of The Private Aviation Company and highlighted the most important developments and changes that recently has happened to the company.

Our Valuable Clients:

In continuation of our constant communication with you and our desire to keep you up-to-date, we are pleased to put in your hands a dialogue between The Private Aviation Company and Alam Alsina’a W Alttigarah magazine, as the magazine prefaced by asking about the history of the company and touched on the question of the reason beyond changing the name of the company from  Tam Private Aviation to the new name (The Private Aviation Company), it also reviewed the latest developments in the company’s structure, the quality of services and the most important programs provided by the company, in addition, they discussed the company’s goals and values.

To access the magazine’s website and see the full dialogue, Please click on the following link: